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Medical & Pregnancy Ultrasound Scans

Pregnancy ScansPriceBooking
Early Pregnancy Scan£135Book Now
Dating Scan£135Book Now
Gender Scan£135Book Now
Reassurance Scan£145Book Now
3D-4D-5D (HD Live) Scan£160Book Now
Anomaly Scan£195Book Now
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Medical ScansPriceBooking
Abdominal Scan£190Book Now
Pelvic Scan£190Book Now
Liver Scan£190Book Now
Breast and Axilla Scan£195Book Now
Thyroid and Neck£190Book Now
Fertility Pelvic /Follicle Tracking£195Book Now
Abdominal, Pelvic,Urinary Tract £285Book Now
Medical ScansPriceBooking
Testes and Scrotum£190Book Now
Groin and Hernia£190Book Now
Kidneys, Ureters and Bladder£190Book Now
Lumps and Bumps£195Book Now
Lymph Node£195Book Now
Prostate & Bladder£190Book Now
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Vascular ScansPriceBooking
Deep vein Thrombosis( DVT)£230Book Now
Arterial Doppler£230Book Now
Carotid Artery£230Book Now
Varicose Vein£250Book Now
Abdominal Aorta (AAA)£190Book Now
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MSK ScansPriceBooking
Shoulder/upper arm£190Book Now
Elbow/forearm£190Book Now
Foot£190Book Now
Wrist£190Book Now
Knee/lower leg£190Book Now
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Health CheckupsPriceBooking
Full Body Scan(Women)£650Book Now
Full Body Scan(Men)£650Book Now
Full Body Plus Scan(Women)£800Book Now
Full Vascular Doppler£800Book Now
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If you have any queries about our private pregnancy ultrasound or medical scan packages, get in touch with our team in London or Surrey branch by submiting the contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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It’s easy to book a private ultrasound scan with Phoenix. Find your desired scan from the menu and/or list of scans below and go to the selected scan's page, click on book an appointment,you will be directed to the time slots section, choose the scan type and/or location, and choose your desired date and time that works for you, enter your details, and complete payment. We will then send you a confirmation email with all details of your appointment. If you don't know which scan is more suitable for you or need help selecting the scan or booking please call us on 0800 048-5738.

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Brigitta Slimani
Brigitta Slimani
Beautiful experience with an amazingly friendly and kind staff. Everyone was extremely helpful from the beginning till the end. Ultrasound went smoothly even the pregnancy quite early. I would recommend to everyone .❤️
What a lovely Clinic and lovely people. I was a bit late but was seen. Dr Ali and the secretary are just wonderful people. He even gave me a free pelvic ultrasound because he heard my mum died from ovarian cancer. I live very far away but will travel and come back here for my next check up. Oh! He also gave me a free drink. ????
timea toth
timea toth
Warm welcome, thorough examination, clear explanation of the result, extremely smooth and easy to book for a great price. Lovely doctor and assistant, would highly recommend this place to everyone! I will definitely book more appointments at this place!
eleonora cangemi
eleonora cangemi
Amazing experience so emotional moment Happy I booked it
Michelle Richards
Michelle Richards
I made a last minute ultrasound appointment on the 25th May because I had noticed a lump on my right breast. I was told ( by my doctor)I would have around a 2 week wait for any further tests with the NHS. I have never had an issue with the NHS, but when it comes to something like this I felt waiting two weeks was a little too much. I saw Dr Babalou and myself and my husband had the best experience. Dr Babalou explained everything he was doing and also highlighted what things meant on the screens and was very reassuring and knowledgeable. Today, 31st May, I had my NHS appointment and everything Dr Babalou had discussed with us and was also added to my report( that was received 24 hours after our appointment!)was spot on. Due to half term etc, it’s taken me a little time to add my review - sorry. We will be visiting Dr Babalou in the future, should we need to have ultrasounds etc. I cannot stress how at ease he made us both feel, more me as I can have bouts of high anxiety. Do book Phoenix Ultrasound for any concerns you have!! Thank you again to Dr Babalou.
Laura Boyle
Laura Boyle
Really good experience with Phoenix Ultrasound. They were so kind, put me completely at ease, they took time going over all the measurements telling me if everything was okay, getting lots of angles of little one and I got to hear his heartbeat for the first time which was really special. I had a same day appointment, reasonable price too! Have already recommended my other pregnant friends. For reference I’m 17 weeks.
lilia AS
lilia AS
My husband, I need to do a Doppler on his leg, to monitor the progress of the thrombosis he had 2 years ago. The clinic did an excellent job, provided excellent service. I recommend them, as a professional, for their excellent service. Thank you very much.
Caroline Cummings
Caroline Cummings
Very helpful, explaining the scan in simple terms and offered helpful advice for me going forwards.