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3D-4D-5D (HD Live) plus Scan:18-34 weeks

3D-4D-5D (HD Live) plus Scan:18-34 weeks
Price : £220
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  • All 2D/3D/4D/5D images/video clips plus the scan’s report sent directly to your device and Email. You can download and save, print in your desired format, or share your Baby's pictures and video clips.
  • Complimentary Baby gender reveal
  • Black and white 2D and 3D paper images of your baby
  • Free Baby Scan key ring
  • Free Baby scan picture frame
  • Free heartbeat Bear or Picture frame

3D-4D Plus Scan: 18-34 Weeks – Growth Scan

The 3D/4D/5D plus scan is primarily designed to perform well-being and growth observational checks on your baby. This scan routinely helps better bonding between your unborn baby and you by showing her/his face, hands, feet …

The Phoenix ultrasound’s 3d,4D, and 5D plus scans can be conducted between 18 and 34 weeks gestation. This scan focuses on well-being observations of your unborn baby combined with 3D/4D/5D imaging.

During the scan your fully-qualified obstetric Sonographer will observe the heartbeat, movement, placental site, amniotic fluid
volume, and position of the baby,and hemodynamic assessment of the fetomaternal circulations. All of which will be documented in the form of an assessment report, providing valuable information to share with your midwife.

Yourscan will be conducted using an abdominal ultrasound probe (external on the abdomen), and it is important to recognize that the imagery obtained is derived from the reflection of sound waves passing through your abdomen creating the visual image.

The level of diagnostic evaluation and visibility achievable can differ greatly between clients, especially in cases of a high BMI which can result in poor image resolution.

Please Note: The primary purpose of this scan is to achieve an essential diagnostic evaluation of your unborn baby, during which we will use advanced 3D/4D/5D( HDlive) plus imaging software to provide views of the baby from an alternative perspective.

On top of this, we will perform a Doppler scan. It measures the blood flow in different parts of your baby’s body, such as the umbilical cord, brain, and your uterine arteries.This helps to show whether the baby is getting all the oxygen and nutrients required via the placenta.
Doppler is also very valuable inassessing the potential risk of preeclampsia.

Your baby’s position can sometimes make it difficult to achieve clear 3D/4D/5D imagery. If this is the case, our sonographer may recommend that you take a short walk to encourage movement; if this does not have the intended effect, we will be happy to offer you a complimentary re-scan at a later date.

If in the sonographer’s professional opinion, further scanning is unlikely to achieve the desired 4D imagery, your scan will change to the Wellbeing and Growth Scan, Including, Doppler Scan and Presentation and you will get the price difference fee.

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