MSK Scans

“Discover excellence in ultrasound services at Phoenix Ultrasound, where our fully qualified sonographers offer a comprehensive range of pregnancy scans, infertility assessments, medical ultrasounds, multiparametric liver , breast, thyroid, prostate and musculoskeletal examinations, vascular scans and full-body ultrasound check-ups. We consult clients on a one-to-one basis and understand that each set of circumstances are individual. Trust us for precision and care in your ultrasound needs. ”
A detailed ultrasound scans of specific parts of the body allows the sonographer to detect any abnormalities, conduct a thorough examination of the area, and give you a second opinion to give you the reassurance you need. Ultrasound scans use sound waves that generate an image of your internal organs. They can reveal changes in the appearance of your internal structures and detect abnormalities. You will receive accurate results on the day of your health scan so that you get the answers you need sooner. You don’t need to have your GP`s Referral for getting your medical scan in our clinic. After getting your scan results, you can share it with your gp or specialist doctor.

How Book Your Ultrasound Scans
It’s easy to book a private ultrasound scan with Phoenix. Find your desired scan from the menu and/or list of scans below and go to the selected scan’s page, click on book an appointment, you will be directed to the time slots section, choose the scan type and/or location, and choose your desired date and time that works for you, enter your details, and complete payment. We will then send you a confirmation email with all details of your appointment.

If you don’t know which scan is more suitable for you or need help selecting the scan or booking please call us on 0800 048-5738.