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Gender Scan: After 16 weeks

Gender Scan: After 16 weeks
Price : £135
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    Purpose of scan:
  • determining the gender of the foetus
  • black and white 2D image of your baby
  • All images/video clips plus the scan’s report send directly to your device and Email .You can download and save ,print or share your Baby's pictures and video clips.
  • Free Baby Scan key ring
  • Free Baby scan picture frame
  • Free heartbeat Bear or Picture frame

Gender Scan: 16-34 Weeks

A gender scan, also known as a gender reveal ultrasound, is a type of ultrasound scan performed to determine the biological sex of the baby during pregnancy. Here are some of the benefits and reasons why individuals might choose to have a gender scan:

    1. Anticipation and Excitement: A gender scan provides an opportunity for expectant parents to satisfy their curiosity and excitement about the baby’s gender. Knowing the gender can add an extra layer of anticipation to the pregnancy journey.
    2. Planning and Preparation: Knowing the baby’s gender allows parents to begin planning and preparing for the baby’s arrival. This includes choosing a name, decorating the nursery, and selecting gender-specific clothing and items.
    3. Bonding with the Baby: Learning the baby’s gender can enhance the emotional connection between the expectant parents and the baby. It can make the pregnancy feel more real and personal.
    4. Sibling and Family Involvement: Sharing the gender reveal with siblings and family members can involve them in the pregnancy journey and create a sense of unity and excitement.
    5. Gender Reveal Celebrations: Some parents choose to host gender reveal parties or gatherings to share the news with friends and family in a memorable and festive way.
    6. Creative Expression: Gender reveal events often involve creative and unique ways of revealing the baby’s gender, allowing parents to express their creativity and personality.
    7. Special Memories: The moment of finding out the baby’s gender through an ultrasound can be a special memory for parents and a cherished part of their pregnancy journey.
    8. Personal Preference: Some parents simply have a strong personal preference for knowing the gender before birth and want to experience that moment during the pregnancy.
    9. Gifts and Surprises: Gender scans can help loved ones choose appropriate gifts or surprises for the baby, adding to the excitement and anticipation.
    10. Customization: Gender-specific items, such as clothing, accessories, and nursery decorations, can be customized based on the baby’s gender.
    11. Future Planning: Some parents consider the baby’s gender when planning for future siblings, family dynamics, and overall family plans.
    12. Emotional Support: For parents who have experienced loss or challenges during pregnancy, knowing the gender can offer emotional support and a positive focus during the journey.

It’s important to remember that while gender scans are a popular choice for many expectant parents, the decision to have a gender scan is a personal one. Some parents choose not to know the gender until birth, and that’s completely valid as well. Gender scans are typically performed around 16-20 weeks of pregnancy, but the timing may vary. Always consult with your healthcare provider and make the decision that feels right for you and your family.



What is the purpose of a gender reveal scan?

A gender reveal scan is a specialized ultrasound procedure conducted during pregnancy with the primary aim of determining and sharing the baby's gender with the expectant parents. This scan is a celebratory extension of routine prenatal care.

When is the optimal timeframe for a gender reveal scan?

The best time for a gender reveal scan is typically between 16 to 22 weeks of gestation. During this period, fetal development allows for a clearer visualization of the genital organs, facilitating an accurate determination of the baby's gender.

How does a gender reveal scan differ from a standard ultrasound?

While routine ultrasounds focus on assessing overall fetal health and development, a gender reveal scan specifically targets identifying the baby's gender. It serves as a joyful and personalized component of prenatal care.

Is a gender reveal scan considered safe?

Yes, a gender reveal scan is considered safe. The technology employed is consistent with routine ultrasound procedures, utilizing sound waves to generate images. Extensive use in prenatal care has not indicated any harm to the developing fetus.

Is a gender reveal scan a choice for all expectant parents?

While gender reveal scans are popular, the decision to opt for one is a matter of personal preference. Some individuals may choose to maintain the element of surprise regarding the baby's gender until birth.

What level of accuracy can be expected from a gender reveal scan?

Gender reveal scans are generally accurate, with a high probability of correctly identifying the baby's gender. However, it is essential to acknowledge that no medical procedure is infallible, and occasional instances of uncertainty may arise.

How is the gender revealed during the scan?

The sonographer conducting the scan focuses on the fetal genital area to determine whether the baby is male or female. Following this determination, the gender information is shared with the expectant parents in a manner that aligns with their preferences, often in a celebratory fashion.

Can a gender reveal scan detect other potential abnormalities?

While the primary objective of a gender reveal scan is to identify the baby's gender, it may incidentally reveal certain structural abnormalities or anomalies. However, it is crucial to note that this scan is not a substitute for a comprehensive fetal anatomy scan, which provides a more thorough assessment of overall fetal health.

Can family and friends attend the gender reveal scan?

Phoenix ultrasound permits the presence of family and friends during the gender reveal scan, fostering a shared and joyous experience as the expectant parents learn the gender of their baby.

How my private ultrasound scan can accelerate proceeding my case in NHS ?

Following the private ultrasound scan in phoenix ultrasound clinic, you can expect to receive your results within 24 hours. Subsequently, you can efficiently share these results with your General Practitioner (GP) or NHS healthcare team. This streamlined process facilitates the continuation of ongoing treatments or the initiation of new ones.

When will I get the results?

You will receive your results verbally immediately after the scan. Following the appointment, the sonographer will review the images and prepare a written report within 24 hours, with any recommended actions. The report and images will be sent to you, allowing you to discuss the findings with your doctor or physiotherapist if necessary.


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