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Wellbeing & Growth Scan, Including Doppler Scan and Presentation (24-40 weeks)

Wellbeing & Growth Scan, Including Doppler Scan and Presentation (24-40 weeks)
Price : £195
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    Purpose of scan:
  • confirming normal foetal growth/weight, development and wellbeing
  • check the environment of the womb
  • check umbilical cord blood flow
  • black and white 2D image of your baby
  • All images/video clips plus the scan’s report send directly to your device and Email .You can download and save ,print or share your Baby's pictures and video clips.
  • Complimentary Baby gender reveal (when it is convenient)
  • Free Baby Scan key ring
  • Free Baby scan picture frame
  • Free heartbeat Bear or Picture frame

Wellbeing & Growth Scan: 24-40 Weeks

A Wellbeing & Growth Scan, also known as a growth scan or fetal wellbeing scan, is typically performed in the later stages of pregnancy, usually between 24 and 40 weeks. This type of scan provides important information about the baby’s growth, position, and overall wellbeing. Here are some of the benefits of a Wellbeing & Growth Scan:

    1. Assessment of Fetal Growth: The primary purpose of a growth scan is to assess the baby’s growth rate and size. This helps ensure that the baby is developing as expected and helps identify any potential growth-related concerns.
    2. Monitoring for Complications: A growth scan can help detect conditions such as intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) or macrosomia (excessive fetal growth). Early detection allows for timely interventions to manage these conditions.
    3. Positioning of the Baby: The scan provides information about the baby’s position in the uterus. This is especially important as the due date approaches and can impact decisions regarding delivery options.
    4. Placental Function: The scan can evaluate the function and health of the placenta, which plays a crucial role in providing nutrients and oxygen to the baby.
    5. Amniotic Fluid Levels: The scan assesses the levels of amniotic fluid surrounding the baby. Abnormal levels of amniotic fluid can indicate potential issues.
    6. Fetal Wellbeing: In addition to growth, the scan provides insights into the baby’s overall wellbeing by assessing factors such as fetal movements, heart rate, and breathing movements.
    7. Multiple Gestations: For individuals carrying multiples (twins, triplets, etc.), growth scans help monitor the growth and development of each baby individually.
    8. Reassurance: A Wellbeing & Growth Scan offers expectant parents reassurance about the baby’s health and development, which can reduce anxiety during the final stages of pregnancy.
    9. Planning for Delivery: The scan results help healthcare providers plan for a safe and appropriate delivery, especially if there are concerns about the baby’s growth or position.
    10. Accurate Due Date Confirmation: Late pregnancy scans can provide more accurate confirmation of the due date, which is especially important for those with irregular menstrual cycles or uncertain conception dates.
    11. Documentation and Memories: Many parents appreciate having additional ultrasound images of their baby as keepsakes and memories of the later stages of pregnancy.
    12. Communication with Healthcare Provider: The information from the scan allows healthcare providers to make informed decisions about the timing and type of interventions, if necessary.

It’s important to have Wellbeing & Growth Scans performed by trained medical professionals who can accurately interpret the ultrasound images and provide appropriate guidance based on the findings. These scans play a vital role in ensuring the health and wellbeing of both the expectant parent and the baby as pregnancy progresses towards delivery.



What is the purpose of a Wellbeing, Growth and doppler ultrasound Scan performed between 24 to 40 weeks?

A Wellbeing, Growth and doppler Scan, conducted between 24 to 40 weeks of gestation, serves the primary purpose of assessing the overall health, growth, blood flow, and presentation of the fetus. It is a comprehensive ultrasound procedure aimed at ensuring the well-being of both the fetus and the expectant parent.

How does this scan differ from routine ultrasounds?

While routine ultrasounds are part of standard prenatal care, a Wellbeing & Growth Scan is a more detailed and specialized examination. It includes assessments of fetal growth, blood flow using Doppler technology, and fetal presentation (position in the womb).

What specific aspects of fetal development are evaluated during the Wellbeing & Growth Scan?

The Wellbeing & Growth Scan assesses several key aspects, including: Fetal growth and measurements. Blood flow to the placenta and various fetal vessels using Doppler technology. Fetal presentation, determining the position of the baby in the womb.

Is the Wellbeing & Growth Scan a routine part of prenatal care?

While not routine for all pregnancies, Wellbeing & Growth Scans are often recommended in specific situations where additional monitoring is needed to ensure the well-being and growth of the fetus.

How early can a Wellbeing & Growth Scan be performed?

Wellbeing & Growth Scans are typically conducted from 24 weeks onwards, providing valuable information about fetal development during the later stages of the second trimester and throughout the third trimester.

Is the Wellbeing & Growth Scan safe for both the fetus and the expectant parent?

Yes, the Wellbeing & Growth Scan, including Doppler technology, is considered safe when performed by qualified healthcare professionals. The technology used is similar to routine ultrasound procedures, with no known adverse effects on the fetus or expectant parent.

How long does a Wellbeing & Growth Scan typically take?

The duration of a Wellbeing & Growth Scan can vary but generally takes around 20 minutes. The comprehensive nature of the scan, including Doppler assessments, may influence the overall time required.

Can the Wellbeing & Growth Scan detect potential abnormalities?

While the primary focus is on assessing well-being, growth, and blood flow, the scan may incidentally identify certain structural abnormalities or anomalies. However, for a comprehensive assessment, additional diagnostic tests may be recommended.

How my private ultrasound scan can accelerate proceeding my case in NHS ?

Following the private ultrasound scan in phoenix ultrasound clinic, you can expect to receive your results within 24 hours. Subsequently, you can efficiently share these results with your General Practitioner (GP) or NHS healthcare team. This streamlined process facilitates the continuation of ongoing treatments or the initiation of new ones.

When will I get the results?

You will receive your results verbally immediately after the scan. Following the appointment, the sonographer will review the images and prepare a written report within 24 hours, with any recommended actions. The report and images will be sent to you, allowing you to discuss the findings with your doctor or physiotherapist if necessary.


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