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Knee/lower leg Ultrasound Scan

Knee/lower leg Ultrasound Scan
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Knee – Lower Leg Ultrasound Scan

MSK Ultrasound Scans

Knee problems and knee pain are common as the knee is a frequent point of contact during traumatic accidents, and it is as prone to wear and tear due to its weight-bearing nature. It is also a common site for arthritic pain. The knee joint is made up of four main structures: Bones, Cartilage, Ligaments, and Tendons.

Three bones meet to form your knee joint: your thigh-bone (femur), shin-bone (tibia), and kneecap (patella).

Ultrasonography is a noninvasive imaging modality used for the assessment of the knee joint. It can provide clinically useful information on a wide range of pathologic conditions affecting components of the knee joint, including the Tendons, Ligaments, Muscles, Synovial Space, Articular Cartilage, and Surrounding Soft Tissues. Colour and power Doppler techniques can be used to measure neovascularization within the synovial lining of the joints, tendons, and soft-tissue masses.

What is the purpose of this ultrasound scan?

The purpose of this knee ultrasound scan is to provide an assessment of the major musculoskeletal structures in the knee joint. They include:

  • – Quadriceps tendon
  • – Patellar tendon
  • – Bursa
  • – Biceps femoris
  • – Anterior cruciate ligament
  • – Medial collateral ligament
  • – Lateral collateral ligament
  • – Posterior cruciate ligament

Reasons for having a knee scan include:

  • – Pain
  • – Reduced Movement
  • – Tumours & Cancers
  • – Discomfort
  • – Inflammation
  • – Patellar tendinosis
  • – Patellar tendon tear
  • – Quadriceps tendon tear
  • – Prepatellar bursitis
  • – Infrapatellar bursitis
  • – A popliteal cyst (Baker cyst)
  • – Fractured kneecap
  • – Torn meniscus
  • – Torn ligament
  • – Torn hamstring muscle
  • – Gout (a form of arthritis)

What can an ultrasound scan on the knee or lower leg identify?

A knee or lower leg ultrasound scan can be used to diagnose a range of different injuries and health conditions that may be causing you discomfort and pain, including:

  • – Ligament inflammation
  • – Tendon inflammation
  • – Tendinosis
  • – Meniscal cysts
  • – Knee effusions
  • – Tears in the ligament
  • – Degeneration
  • – Arthritis
  • – Bursitis
  • – Posterior knee cysts


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